Thursday, 18 April 2013

Here comes the bride..... nearly

So, it's the eve of my hen weekend and how do I feel excited, scared and a little overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed that it is all coming around so quickly, but also overwhelmed that so many people have agreed to come along and help me wave goodbye to single life.

But not for me a traditional hen do of strippers, L plates and blow up penises?  No I decided to quote Cypress Hill that ' I ain't going out like that'.  I decided I wanted a classy hen do, well as classy as you can get in a house of 20 women in with enough alcohol to sink a ship.

 I have only four  fears not only for my liver but for other reasons:

  1. Will the bridesmaids have ignored my request for no strippers and no L-Plates? These are all of the reasons that I don't usually enjoy hen dos and so the thought of getting confronted with all of these things are enough to bring me out in a rash, but I have faith in my trusty bridesmaids who have been working hard to make this happen that I am safe. As one of them said to me when quizzed about this "I am brave Becky but, I'm not stupid." 
  2. Will I eat and drink so much that when I go to try on my wedding dress it won't fit?  This is a distinct possibility. Having seen the list of how much food and alcohol is present, and the fact that when drunk I am prone to eating things that are normally not on my list of good food choices. On the plus side my dress fitting isn't for a week so I can gym loads and if all else fails I can have the dress taken out and wobble down the aisle instead of my original idea of floating down with elegance and grace (elegance and grace are probably a bit beyond the imaginations of those that know me well, but a girl can dream)
  3. Will I be capable of work on Monday?  Errr possibly not.  The looking like crap I can cope with, that's what concealor and blusher were invented to disguise.  The two day hangover is possibly harder to avoid and hide.  Worse case scenario I spend the day in a hungover haze and just smile politely and dream of getting home to bed.
  4. And the big one.....Will everybody get on?  20 women, one house what could possibly go wrong?  What if this group made up of my favourite people all decide they can't stand each other?  This will not be good, on the plus side it is a huge house so people can easily run away and hide. If the worst comes to the worst I'll just drink through it.
Putting all these fears aside I honesttly can't wait.  I don't see it as my last night of freedom as that is a bit out dated and the journalist definitely isn't the type to get a ring on my finger and then chain me to the kitchen sink or lock me in the cellar, no matter how much he jokes about such things (well I hope it's a joke)

I see it as a celebration of a new beginning and who better to start it with than the girls I love most who are all going to be with me throughout what will be a fantastic future.