Tuesday, 29 November 2011

News Flash

Today's blog is no normal blog, in fact it is no more than a press release.  The new man in my life is a journalist and I work in PR.  A month or so ago he was telling me how good I was at PR-ing myself (I see no problem with this and think it is something we should all do more of).

In the name of journalism and as a little joke reminder of what a delight I am (he may beg to differ) I decided to send him a press release, all about my good self.  Please see below.

News Release

F.A.O A certain man

24th September 2011
Amazing woman found in Birmingham

Rebecca O'Connor was today discovered in Birmingham, just generally being amazing.

The petite 33 year old was found to be living in a flat in Erdington.  Experts do not know how long she has been there but all agreed that she was a rare and precious gem to be treasured.

The ebony lovely is said to work in public relations and boasts many talents including being cute, hilariously funny, intelligent and great fun to name but a few.

Those in the know say that it is rare to find a creature of such loveliness and concur that it will be a lucky man that manages to capture such a wonderful specimen.

A doctor from the Department for lovely things at Birmingham University said: “We were delighted to come across such an wonderful find, especially so close to the city.  We have all been drawn in by her magnetism, she really is something special.  When she's around we all just feel generally happier and more at ease. 

“It is believed that many men have tried to lure her from her natural habitat but have failed.  It will be a lucky gent who manages to keep her for himself.  It is a pleasure just sharing the same room as her.  If there were more people like Rebecca in the world I truly believe it would be a better place to live, I am even convinced that she could even, given the chance, be responsible for world peace at some point in the future.

“I think we are going to see amazing things from this fantastic young woman.”

If you wish to see Rebecca O'Connor she can be viewed in  Erdington, Birmingham after 630pm most weekdays but appointments must be made for weekends, due to her hectic social life which is a side effect of being wonderful.


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  1. I sooo love this, mind if i copy this, of course i will change some "adjectives" used making sure that i will fit my personality.