Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentines day. Romantic. Really?

Valentines day what a pile of pants.  I guess you would assume from that statement  that I am not a romantic and in some ways you would be right.  I like romantic gestures as much as the next girl, but I prefer them to be spontaneous and to me Valentine's day is a little contrived.  Yes flowers, chocolates and meals I love them all but I prefer them out of the blue rather than because it is the 14th February  and we must show the world we are in love.

Valentine's Day to me is a little bit like Chris de Burgh singing Lady in Red,  in that people like it because it is perceived to be romantic but really it is the lazy man/womans choice of romantic sentiment.  In my mind the day is akin to forced fun the very fact that your been told that it is fun sort of ruins it a bit.  The same with the big day of love the very fact that I'm told it's romantic removes the romance.

Also I feel that these big decelarations of romance and love are wasted if they're not shown all year round.  I mean surely anybody can be nice and flash the cash one day of the year, but if the rest of the time is spent arguing it all seems a little pointless.

Another thing is the cash, myself and some mates were discussing this at the weekend.  If my boyfriend went out and spent £60 on a bunch of roses that usually cost £20 I would be furious.  Not only because he has been ripped off but also because if he is going to spend £60 he should really spend it on some shoes or a handbag, things I really will love and cherish forever.

You're probably reading this thinking I am a bitter singleton  who is writing in fear of getting no cards, but you would be wrong.  I have a lovely boyfriend but it is early days (only six months in), but I find it more romantic that he buys me flowers becuase I feel under the weather,  gets me surprise ballet tickets even though he knows he will hate it,  does the washing up after I have cooked without being asked and  was willing to drive me to work on my first day because I was nervous even though it added an hour onto his journey.  That to me is romance and means far more than an over priced gift  on one day of the year.

Don't get me wrong, I have posted a card to show willing and also to protect against the fact that if he hasn't listened to my anti-Valentines protest he sends one I don't look mean and heartless.

So with all this in mind my boyfriend is away and  I will be spending my Valentines day at the pub with my mate and that suits me just fine.

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