Friday, 23 April 2010

I am not Bridget Jones

I have a problem that I want to share with you. Why do the media insist on stereotyping single women? I am not married, I don’t have children. In turn this does not make me:

a) A crazy cat woman (I don’t like cats)
b) Desperate to don a white dress and say ‘I do’
c) Have a womb that is screaming out to be impregnated.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know there are women like that who spends days dreaming of a big white wedding and spawning lots of angelic looking children. Each to their own but, it just infuriates me that we are all clumped together as some sad Bridget Jones type that spends her evenings crying into a glass of wine about men.

I can honestly say the only think Bridget Jones and I have in common is that we both continuously strive to lose a few extra pounds and have a love of wine.

I just find it odd that in this day and age where women are supposedly becoming equal it is still seen as weird to be past a certain age and single especially as if, heaven forbid you say settling down isn’t high on your agenda.

Now if I was a man it would be a totally different story, I would be getting pats on the back for escaping the ‘shackles’ of marriage, hell I would even be envied for my bachelor lifestyle.

As a single woman the response is totally different, pitying looks, being told repeatedly how I will change my mind about children (funny how people I barely know assume they know more about my choices and how I feel than I do) and my all time favourite to get me into a rage “you’re too picky”. Excuse me, but how the hell can you be too picky about finding somebody you might potentially spend the rest of your life with? Surely this is one area where we should all aim to be picky. I am picky about my shoes surely it’s important to be picky about somebody that I could end up looking at for the next 50 years.

I think the media and people in general need to accept that all women are different some are happily married, some unhappily married, some seemingly happily married whilst having a fling with Steve in accounts. Some are single and desperate to settle down, some are single and hopeful, some are single with sex lives that give Samantha from Sex and the City a run for her money (said with envy) and some are like me, single and with a mindset of yes it’d be nice to meet somebody special but, it’s not the be all and end all of my life, I am happy, healthy, have great friends and what will be will be. Plus if I don’t meet somebody I can find a love of cats and become a mad cat lady


  1. The lady doth protest too much, me thinks :-)

  2. Also in case you are wondering I'm making it my life's mission to comment on your every post!

  3. I have noticed. I am not protesting I am just saying that women shouldn't be lumped into only two categories, which as a feminist you should agree with. Plus who would want to be Bridet Jones the woman is a bumbling idiot. Funny only in the fact that we laugh at her not with.