Friday, 30 April 2010

Emotional Carnage

I’ll admit it people I am a crier, a big girlie crier. This might come as a bit of a shock to some people as sometimes I can seem a bit hard, fallen out with somebody not a tear, things ended with a bloke normally my eyes are bone dry but put me at a wedding or face me with saying goodbye to somebody and I am crying like a baby.

Twice this week I have been subjected to public crying. On Saturday a friend got married. Her now husband made a beautiful speech about how much he adored her and a lump rose in my throat and a tear came to my eye. The second occasion was today; my wonderful friend Kelly is leaving work, before her manager even started the leaving speech I was in tears, big tears rolling down my cheeks.

I don’t have a problem with public crying, I have a problem with MY public crying. Unfortunately I am not one of these women who looks beautiful through her tears, I get a red nose, make –up runs and my skin goes blotchy and don’t even get me started on the running nose. If I was trying to get a man not to leave me I can assure you crying wouldn’t be the way I would do it as the sight of my snotty, blotchy face would have him running for the hills.

Another downside of my public crying is that like most things in life I find it really difficult to do it quietly. In public places where it is light and people can see me I can usually manage to just keep it to sniffs, but put me in a darken room e.g. the cinema and they become proper sobs. Once my mate Jodie told me to be quiet whilst watching Brokeback Mountain as I think I was embarrassing her.

It’s bad enough when it’s with friends but it’s worse on dates. On a third date I went to see Seven Pounds starring Will Smith, I think my date was horrified that such sobs could come from somebody so small.

I think crying can be very therapeutic but as it makes me look and sound really unattractive and I have yet to find a make-up product heavy duty enough to disguise the blotches and red nose I have decided that from now on if I want a cry I am going to just watch The Notebook in the safety of my own home.

If anybody has any tips for crying and not looking like something from a horror film please feel free to share.


  1. Great post Sunflowergirl!
    Apart from on movies, I have never seen anyone look good whilst crying. No one at all. So I wouldn't worry cause I think with this one we are all in the same boat. Plus just imagine if, when the water works start, you turn into an amazing siren like goddess! Well how pants would that be? Everytime you wanted to attract a guy, you would have to about mixed signals!
    Don't worry about the occasional tears and just be glad for the fact that you were blessed with a killer smile!
    Besides don't most guys think we're cute when we cry anyway? Doesn't it give them a reason to feel all strong, superior and protective in a world where empowered women are stripping them of that illusion on a daily basis? cried on a third date and then harangued males for doing it in your post! They cried for actual real life reasons and you cried because some Hollywood flick pulled at the heart strings. Don't be so tough on these boys perhaps it's all just a reflection of what a great listener you are! xx

  2. I cried on a third date not because somebody said they didn't want a third date, big difference, so I wasn't complaining about men doing the same thing I did at all. I wouldn't cry because somebody wouldn't gop on a third date with me adn if I did they wouldn't know about it